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STATUS OF WOMEN IN INDIA Since Independence there has been a lot of change for the better, as regards the status and rights of women in India. Several effective measures have been taken for their advancement and protection. For example, such legislations as Equal Remuneration Act, Sati Prevention Act, and Maternity Benefit Act etc. have been passed. The Constitution of India guarantees them equal rights and opportunities. Sincere efforts are being made to bring them in the national main stream on par with men. The programmes for the development of women include employment and income generation schemes, welfare and support services. The women belonging to the weaker sections of the society are being given condensed courses of education and vocational training. Working women of low income group are being provided safe and cheap hostel accommodation in big cities and towns. Many day-care centres have been opened for the children of such women. As a result of these sustained efforts towards empowerment and employment of women engineers, judges, doctors advocates, teachers, stenographers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, administrators, architects and political leaders. India has produced a very strong powerful, astute and able Prime Minister in Mrs. Indira Gandhi. She succeeded wonderfully as a woman Prime Minister in this man dominated world.  She ruled...
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