Essay Topics about STRAY DOG MENACE

English_Master May 12, 2016 No Comments
STRAY DOG MENACE This is one of the threats to men, irrespective of any age. Among the victims, it is mostly the school children who are bitten by dogs. The reason behind it is they (children) were not properly trained as to how they can keep the dog at bay and escape from being bitten by them. Another one is that, the children break into a run on seeing a dog, or some of them tease the dogs. Hence they are easily targeted. Dog bites can be fatal. Even if one takes vaccination after the bite, it still has the delayed vibrations. It is bound to react after six months, too. Certain foods are to be avoided for a period of one year or so. Be wary of how you should safeguard yourself. When there is more than one stray dog in the way, wait until some other person comes and walk with him/her. Do not tease the dog even if you are with your friends. If happened to walk past a sleeping dog, do not go near it. Maintain a safe distance. Do not look directly in the eyes of the dog. This might rattle the dog that you are up to some mischief and react. At the...
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