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 STUDENTS AND CAMPUS POLITICS It has become one of the major subjects of discussion whether political activities of students are allowed in the campus of educational institutions. Though the court has directed not to allow campus politics, political parties and students organizations have not give much importance to it. Political activities are being continued in campus. Should students take part in politics? It is a subject to be thought over, I think. There remain many other such questions. Is it needed for the smooth functioning of future democracy? Will it adversely affect the students whose main concern is acquiring knowledge. There are many such questions to be answered. There are many, especially the politicians, who are of the firm opinion that students should have active participation in politics and consequently in the national activities. They point out that in some democratic countries the age of franchise has been lowered. A person becomes major under the law for many purposes at the age of 18. Besides, it is argued that education doesn’t mean swallowing mere text books. Again, practical knowledge on the functioning of the democratic system in the country can mainly be achieved by means of politics in campus. Practical knowledge helps them understand clearly the set up of...
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