Jose John December 26, 2015 No Comments
STUDENTS AND DISCIPLINE Elders often lament that these days’ youngsters lack discipline. The youth, however, feel they are not understood by their previous generation. In light of this difference in view, it becomes necessary to examine whether what the elders think is an impressionistic view or a considered opinion. The word “discipline” means behaviour in conformity with certain code of conduct. In a human organization of any kind there has to be some form of rules of behaviour for its members for a harmonious relationship between each other and for achieving the goals of the organization. Youngsters largely comprise of students, both school going and college students. In case of school going children, most schools follow a strict code of conduct with appropriate corrective measures for those not obeying the rules. Incidents of indiscipline that deserve concern are therefore negligible at the school level. In colleges and universities, by and large, students do respect the rules of their respective institutions since college admissions are not easy to come. Seen in this light it would appear that the student community couldn’t be accused of lacking discipline. Most elders are actually offended by the way the young dress, the way they talk, the kind of music they like and enjoy. New...
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