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STUDENTS AND SOCIAL SERVICE Great things are expected of students as they are the citizens of tomorrow. On their shoulders lie the responsibility of reducing illiteracy and ignorance and uplifting the society. A free India expects them to do their duty with great responsibility. The aim before students should be selfless social service. Students are not mercenaries but missionaries. They are the torch bearers of the nation. They are to light other lamps with their light. They should serve their country and fellowmen. They are to inject youthful blood into the dry bones of the nation. They must spread light and laughter wherever they go. During vacations students can demonstrate to the villagers the sci­entific methods of agriculture. They can teach them how to collect vil­lage refuses and convert it into manure which doubles the yield. They should make the villagers use low cost fuel like cow dung. Students can do immense social service in the community projects and National Extension Service. They can bring about a revolution in the villages and thoroughly change the face of India. Illiteracy prevails in every nook and comer of the country. It is their duty to impart education to their illiterate brethren. The illiterate villagers cannot exercise their right to vote intelligently...
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