Jose John April 21, 2016 No Comments
SUCCESS EVERYWHERE “Success is a public affair. Failure is a private funeral” said Lord Russel. Similarly, there are so many great sayings about success. But how to be successful anywhere, everywhere? Success has numerous roots, like courage, patience, challenge, solution to all problems, self-motivation, stubbornness, the grit and resilience to fight back, analyzing the reason for failures and correcting ourselves. Many great achievers were once failures! It is their relentless efforts, determination and the fighting spirit that opened the door to success in the end. A closer look at failures indicates that there lies a problem. Some we can solve, and some we can’t. It may be an exam, interview, sports, any competition, or even a love affair, too. Duke Ellington said, “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” Courage: It is not the physical strength, but mental strength that counts. “Physical bravery is animal instinct: moral bravery is a much higher and true courage,” said Philips. So, develop will-power and keep going ahead, unmindful of small failures. Patience: This adds glory when one stays self composed and approached a task with a vision and mission. If it is possible it will be done; if it is impossible, it can be done. Challenge: George S...
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