Essay Topics about SUICIDES IN INDIA

Jose John August 3, 2016 No Comments
SUICIDES IN INDIA According to a report on National Crime Records Bureau there were more than 70,000 known cases of suicide every year in India. In 1980 there were 41,663 cases. They grew to 73,911 in 1990 and are during expected to be more than one lakhs the first decade of the century. It means once every seven and half minutes in 1990 and 5 minutes in 1994. Andre Beteille, a sociologist concluded that there are suicides whenever there is a sudden change in economic status. A sudden fall in economic status may result in a suicide. But a sudden improvement also causes it. Someone who is a bit left behind in the race gets frustrated leading to suicide. Rajesh sinha feels that with increasing population and urbanization, money has become very important for survival. If there is insufficient money the game ends with life itself. In mid nineties twelve families were driven to suicide in Kerala alone because of financial problem. According to a sociologist the crumbling of joint family system takes the check away. People, out of the family have no psychological or emotional support. In the movement of tension such individuals cannot cope with it. They cannot face the competitive set up of the society and...
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