Essay Writing about SUPERSTITIONS

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SUPERSTITIONS  “I am not superstitious”, anybody who is asked “Are you superstitious?” will retort sharply. But he will surely be lying. The louder the denial, the more is his superstition confirmed. If you try to ‘make him understand”, that he is superstitious, then he will be even more annoyed, if you try to convince him that the sentiment of ‘superstition’ is universal and that no one including himself is immune to this most common, all prevailing epidemic’ and even if he says, ‘alright—it may be so’ remember that the admission will be superficial. A person convince against this will, is of the same opinion still. No one is not a superstitious. It is no necessary to go through or quote from this voluminous ‘works’ on psychology and mythology, or any logics to prove the truth of the statement made above. Just go to a temple, see for yourself queues of great lengths, heads of queues meeting their tails, coiling like snakes, the people standing there generally, calmly, patiently (sometimes they even grow violent) present a spectacle of great victory, great variety in dress, fashion (s) and fads, and styles… A definite proof of the fact is India is a country of ‘Unity and diversity’”. There is a great variety...
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SUPERSTITIONS Illiterate and weak-minded people all over the world often are a prey to superstitions. Their lives are ruled by them and they base their actions on the various superstitious beliefs. Superstitious people can be called backward. They tend to interpret every phenomenon irrationally. They assess a happening illogically and even guide their actions on the basis of these beliefs. Although most people know that superstitions are based on imagination and are nowhere close to the truth, but quite a few people are still guided by superstitions. For example some common superstitions are: thirteen is an unlucky number; if a black cat crosses one’s path, some misfortune will befall the person whose path was crossed; if one sneezes before beginning a new job, it shall not be completed without any problem, etc. Once these events occur, it becomes difficult for the superstitious person to continue with his work. Superstitions and ‘luck’ are closely associated. When a person watches two sparrows, it is believed that he will have abundant joy. The howling of dogs, spilling of milk or salt, walking under a ladder, falling of a picture or mirror are associated with ill luck. There are many superstitions that Indians cling to. These are ridiculous to a person who has...
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Essay Writings on Superstitions

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SUPERSTITIONS Superstitions signify ignorance, mental weakness and sentimentalism of man. Hundreds of cats might have run across the lanes and roads in the world. Does it mean a disaster in the area through which the road runs? Had it been so the whole world would have perished. There is no argument behind the view that if a cat runs across the road it is a bad omen. Many people are one eyed. If one sees such a man while coming out of the house there would be something wrong. One of them lives in my street. He is my teacher. I generally see him in the morning. Nothing has ever happened to me. On the contrary we go to school together and he is very much helpful to me. People in villages believe in a very large number of superstitions. If a widow enters a room where the bride is being dressed for the marriage ceremony it is a bad omen. The widow too is after all a human being. Moreover she is related to us. Her presence cannot bring havoc to us. Sometimes the superstitions are strange. A cow does not give milk. People think some soul has entered it. A girl has an attack of epilepsy Ignorant...
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Essay Writing on SUPERSTITIONS

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SUPERSTITIONS Superstitions are irrational. They have their roots in ignorance, blind faith, fear of the unknown, lack of scientific spirit and complexes. They reflect the weak side of mankind. Superstitions are found everywhere. They have a stronghold on man in spite of rapid advancement of modern science, technology and knowledge. They have been there from times immemorial. Superstitions can be defined as beliefs based on ignorance and fear. They are always against the known laws of science and reasoning. They are found in various forms and practices. They can be seen in the forms of various charms, magic, means, worship of and beliefs in supernatural powers. What is mysterious, unknown, unintelligible and inexplicable generates awe and fear. The fear in its turn gives rise to blind faith, complexes and superstitions. They have caused much havoc and harm. The sense of some insecurity, fear of ill luck and the dread of the unknown forces in the universe are ingrained in human nature. Even the educated persons are not free from these. They have failed to eradicate this fear from their minds. They are educated but not enlightened and so rationality has been marginalized. The vested narrow interests of the priests, religious leaders, astrologers, magicians, charlatans etc., have helped the spread...
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