Essay Writing about SWAMI VIVEKANAND

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SWAMI VIVEKANAND  “Rooted in the past and full of pride in India’s heritage, Vivekananda was yet modern in his approach to the problems and was a kind of bridge between the past of India and her present.” The most notable thing about Vivekananda was his flaming zeal for reviving the greatness of Hinduism and the Motherland. We must go out and conquer the world through our spirituality and philosophy—this was the noble idea he stood for. In the words of Sir Valentile Chirol, “Vivekanand was the First Hindu whose personality won demonstrative recognition abroad for India’s ancient civilization and for her new borne claim to nationhood.” Swami Vivekanand was born Narendranath Dutta, son of a well-known lawyer in Calcutta, Biswanath Dutta, and a very intelligent and pious lady, Bhuvaneswari Devi in the year 1863. Biswanath often had scholarly discussions with his clients and friends on politics, religion and society. He used to invite Narendranath to join the discussions. Narendra, never embarrassed, would say whatever he thought was right, advancing his arguments, in support of his stand. Naren learnt the Epics and Puranas from his mother. He also inherited her memory among other qualities. He, in fact, owed much to her as he used to say later. He was a...
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