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TEASING, RAGGING AND BULLYING -HOW TO TACKLE THESE? These three, teasing, ragging and bullying are closely interlinked. Teasing is defined as playfully making fun of the other. It is there in every school at every nook and cranny. The motive behind it is, just for the heck of it. Children, whose mind is yet to be matured, make fun of anything that looks odd, or at anyone who is a fatso, or a dwarf. This type of kidding is only momentary. One can ignore when being teased. But if it persists, it needs to be stopped. Eve teasing is one kind. Ragging is yet another kind, mostly prevailing in colleges. Ragging also means rebuke; criticize or reprimand sharply. The difference between teasing and ragging is that, unlike the school level students, it (ragging) could be funny and humiliating to the others. There are many instances. Once, a first year student was asked to sing an elegy, as if someone in his family is dead! At another time, a new student was asked to dance! Yet another incident is harsh. A senior student thrust a burning cigarette in a girl’s hand and she was forced to smoke! Bullying refers to ‘a person who deliberately intimidates another who is physically weaker.’...
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