English_Master May 20, 2016 No Comments
TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE Telephone here refers to mobile phones also. With the birth of incredibly faster communications, in many formal meetings, interviews, conferences and general conversations, telephones plays a vital role. Hence, it is always important how one speaks over the phone. The one at the other end may be an important person or not, yet speaking nicely to him or her always sow a pleasant thought in his mind. By talking nicely helps you reduce your tension and anger. Mind you, by answering politely with fine etiquette of manners, one also project one’s own quality, image and characteristics. There are certain wrong phrases that many people use when answering a call. Say hello if the caller is a known person. If the caller is unknown to you, yet wants to talk to someone at home, tell the caller to kindly wait. You can ask the name of the caller if he/she does not introduce himself or herself. Before answering a call, or calling someone, clear your throat and modulate your voice. Avoid shouting. Keep your voice audible at the other end. Never say, “I will give you a ring!” This is incorrect although many people say so. Say, “I will give a call.” In America, saying ‘giving a ring’...
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