Jose John June 10, 2016 No Comments
TERRORISM STALKS LONDON: WHAT NEXT? There is no sanctuary or safe haven anywhere in the world where terrorists cannot infiltrate. Over the last two decades the terrorists, whatever be their nationality or affiliation, have proved to the hilt that they can strike at any place any time however impregnable could be the full proof defences of the target they aim at. What stun everyone is not only the daredevil surprise element, but also their modus operandi that changes from time to time, depending upon the preparedness of the nation targeted at. September 11, 2001 sent Shockwaves across the US and the rest of the world as the operatives of the ever elusive Osama bin Laden and his Al -Qaeda took to ingenious ways-just using ordinary aircraft as lethal missiles-to bring the twin towers at Manhattan, New York. A panicky US opened two war fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq to quell terrorism overseas in order that it doesn’t raise its ugly head at home once again. But terrorist have an edge over others in that they strike at a time when the potential victim is least prepared and cautious. And this time they stunned the world by rocking London in a series of explosions at a time when the G-8...
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