Essay Writing on THE ANT

English_Master September 14, 2015 No Comments
THE ANT The ant is generally found in every house. They are tiny creatures and bite very sharply. They are found in open fields and closed abodes. According to climate and seasons their number increases and decreases. They come out of their nests in great numbers in humid climate. The ant is a tiny insect. The head of it has two eyes, a pair of antennas and biting mouth parts. Its body has three parts which are connected with each other by a thin fibre. There are different sizes and kinds of ants. Some are very tiny and some are big. There are red ants and black ants found everywhere in the houses crawling on food articles etc. The black ants do not bite but the red one bite sharply. There are big size black ants also which are found creeping on trees, farms, fields and in homes. These ants when bite produce severe pain and sometimes even blood also comes out. These are white ants which are called termites. They destroy books, clothes, wood, timber and furniture. The ants eat flour, sugar, gur, sweets and dead products. The ant has an acute sense of smell and finds the odour of its food from a long distance. Even if...
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