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THE ART OF FLATTERY The desire to be noticed and admired is a basic human need. Once in a while everyone wants a little praise. It is quite natural. Within limits, it is even beneficial. A word of appreciation can put new heart into a man It can inspire him to greater effort. But it is only genuine appreciation, which can have that effect. The praise we receive must be well deserved. As soon as it is exaggerated, it becomes flattery. Why do people take to flattery? The most apparent motive is to please the one who is flattered. But behind that lie deeper motives. By pleasing the object of his attentions, the flatterer is usually trying to gain some advantage. He may be trying to get an undue favour. He may be trying of squeeze out some money. Or he may be hankering after a position. He may be doing it for some other reason. But we can be sure of one thing at least. He does not normally deserve what he wants to get. He knows that very well. Therefore, he takes advantage of a basic human weakness. Anybody too fond of his own praise is his natural prey. It takes two to make a flatterer. The...
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