THE CINEMA: Essay Writing Topics

Jose John June 10, 2016 No Comments
THE CINEMA The cinema is one of the most useful modern inventions. It is of great use from the recreational as well as educational point of view. Besides this, in every country of the world, cinema is a very profitable industry. Large amount of money is invested in the production of the film. Film industry provides livelihood to thousands of people. It needs a lot of people to help in the production of a film. Now-a-days cinema is the cheapest and the most popular forms of amusement. Cinema is not only a source of amusement only but it also increases one’s knowledge. Sitting in the cinema hall, one can see on the screen the things places and things of the world. Cinema also provides us with the opportunity of observing customs of the people in different parts of the country as well as throughout the world. Cinema recreates the past for us. It brings before our eyes men and women that lived hundreds of years ago. A battle that was fought in the past is shown being fought today in the most realistic manner. Thus cinema helps to destroy the barriers of time and age. Cinema combines instruction with amusement. Now-a-days it is being used as a powerful vehicle of popular instruction. What students read...
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