Jose John June 10, 2016 No Comments
THE COMPOSITE CULTURE OF INDIA Culture and civilization are two such concepts, which are devoid of any concrete definition. The word ‘culture’ broadly covers the sum total of a nation’s aesthetic and intellectual achievements. India from time immemorial has been regarded as a land of composite culture and prosperity—thus attracting intellectuals and adventurers alike—may they be the Romans, who traded with the Tamil kingdoms of the south or the Christian missionaries of the 1st Century A.D. landing in Kerala or the persecuted forefathers of present day Parsis who sought asylum in the Western coast of India. Thus, culture can be regarded as the widening of mind as well as of spirit. The essence of our composite culture through the ages has been its capacity to absorb various streams of cultures. The core around which other cultures took shelter and eventually got absorbed has resulted in the ‘compositeness’ of our culture. The essential feature of this composite culture is broad-based, which focuses mainly on tolerance, adaptiveness with a unique individuality. It is, therefore, amazing to note that the same essence that existed before many millennia has continued till today and is continuing. Very few things in history are more astonishing than the wonderful stability of the social structure in India,...
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