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THE CONTRADICTORY NATURE OF WHAT WE CALL TRUTH There is much philosophical debate and bitterness aris­ing out of debate over what is truth for truth lies beyond the pairs of opposites. One could make two contradictory state­ments and yet, both could be true. To know the truth one has to see both sides but this seems particularly difficult. We pre­fer the linear. It is so comfortable to see the old, the usual, the obvious, and the one-sided. A balanced view is as rare as it is valuable. Take for instance the popular philosophical concept of staying in the present. ‘Don’t think of the future’ we are advised. However, if one did not think of the future would we not be like a feather in a summer breeze? Blown by circum-stance rather than guided by design? Where would we be without planning? Yet it is obvious that if our minds ran into the future while we performed any task, our concentration would be impaired, we would not perform well. A batsman thinking of his century on the pitch puts his wicket at risk. To score runs he needs to stay focused on the ball. So here, we have two stances: Stay in the present and plan for the future. The...
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