English_Master April 21, 2016 No Comments
THE CRAZE FOR CRICKET IN INDIA ‘Lagaan’ is the best example for the craze for cricket in India. Cinema houses showing ‘Lagaan’ were full and the picture ran for months together in certain cities. It was, of course for the superb acting of Aamir Khan. But cricket too played a big role in the success of the picture. It gave Bollywood a new turn. Cricket is no popular a game that you would find it being played in lanes and streets of big and small cities. Boy’s even young boys would come out with their bats and balls and play the game anywhere they find a little of space. On Saturdays and Sundays and during vacations one can find big parks fall of different teams playing cricket match. Leaving India after ruling the country for more than 200 years Britishers have left certain legacies. We have a craze for foreign goods and studies in foreign countries. The craze for cricket is one of these legacies. You can find it being played in the common wealth countries (the fifty plus countries ruled by the British) only. No other western country including USA has taken any interest in it. It is not a part of the Olympics too. As it is an...
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