English_Master August 31, 2015 No Comments
THE CRUELTY TO ANIMALS We cannot imagine how man exploits others for his selfish ends. The other day I went to see a Russian circus, which has earned a great name and fame in the whole world. I considered myself lucky to get a chance to visit this circus, but the scenes disturb me. See how man becomes unethical for his selfishness. The whips were being used unabashedly to make the animals perform satisfactorily. Even the ringmaster had the ‘ankush’ and a spear in his hand to trouble the animals even during the show. The animals shrieked and screamed but they were helpless in the cages. It seemed to me a brutish act to train the animals in this manner. Even the performance in the narrow corners seemed to be a cruelty towards the animals. I could not imagine that the lure of money had made the man such a mean and selfish fellow. Sometimes that torture proved fatal to the animals. Mostly the animals die while performing dangerous feats. In their old age when they cannot perform, they are not given enough food to survive. I had gone to seek entertainment but the callous behaviour towards animals made me feel highly disturbed.