Jose John April 22, 2016 No Comments
 THE DIGNITY OF LABOUR Labour has a large number of people in its range. A man repairing a road, one working as a peon or a manager in a bank, a man working as a salesman, a man working on software or hardware in computer, an executive in a joint stock company, a railway driver or a ticket checker and many more even professionals are labourers. The field is very vast. They are all dignified people enjoy myself respect. In USA or advanced countries like G 7 and the European community, in China and Japan all are given somewhat equal weight age as far as their status is concerned. A house hold help in Dubai will oblige you to come only once on a Sunday that too if you have a washing machine and you serve her tea and meals twice a day. The problem arises only in developing countries where people have a wrong notion of labour. Here as in India the social status is measured with the income one enjoys. Thus dignity of labour has suffered its coverage and the society on this issue is divided in different groups. In India labour is divided into different groups. Corporate executives top these groups. Then there are Bank officers....
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