Essay about THE DOG

English_Master September 14, 2015 No Comments
THE DOG From times immemorial, dog has been the faithful companion of man. Even it is said that, in times of emergency and need, dog can sacrifice his own life, for the sake of saving the life of his master. There are many varieties of dogs. There are big size dogs as Dobermans, little pomarians and of various other sizes and types. There are difference in sizes, their habits and habitat, nature and moods depending on their size, physical strength and habits. Generally, a dog has four legs, a bushy/small tail, keen nose for smelling, and two very sharp pair of claws. A dog has the capacity of hearing faint sounds that cannot be heard by man. The dog is a very useful animal due to its usefulness to man, it is tamed and it is a companion and friend of man. The dog is used as a domestic animal as “security guards” in the houses, by the police and by military personnel. Watch dogs are commonly used to protect and help. Goats and sheep in rearing farms and pastures, Detectives use dogs in the police Departments and as “sniffing” dogs by the military. Dogs entertain inmates of the family and are very fond of children. They also show...
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