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 THE DUSSEHRA FESTIVAL Dussehra is one of the most important festivals of India. It is celebrated throughout the country. It is celebrated for the victory over evil. It always comes in the month of October and it continues for ten days. In north it continues for ten days that is why it is known as Dussehra. People perform their rituals and Durga Pooja for first nine days continuously. It is said that they perform it to remove their sins. On the other hand it is said that on this day Lord Rama conquered Ravana. Rama is the symbol of goodness and Ravana is the symbol of evil. So it is the thought that on this day goddess wins over evil and people rejoice the day as Dussehra. In the eastern and southern parts of India Ravana worshipped as he was the most learned and the wisest man. There goddess Durga is also worshipped in all these ten days. This is known as Durga Pooja or Nav rathiri became goddess Durga fought with demons for nine days and nights and got victory on the tenth day. It is called “vijayadashami”. People celebrate these days very joyfully. In the most of the parts of every city, epic Ramayana is played as...
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