Essay Topics about THE EARTH AND ITS AGES

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THE EARTH AND ITS AGES The earth is the third planet from the sun, about 150 million km away. It is the fifth largest planet in the universe, with 12,756 km in diameter. It is a suitable planet to live because of the presence of water. It was formed about 4.65 billion years ago. The other planets that have rocky surface like the earth are Mars, Mercury and Venus. No other planet has water. It takes 365. 242 days for the earth to complete one orbit around the sun. The earth is made up of many minerals, viz. Iron, Oxygen, Nickel, Silicon and Magnesium. While many other planets are either too far away or too close to the sun, the earth is at the right and best distance with tolerable maximum and minimum temperature. The ancient Greeks said that the earth was round shaped. But the pictures taken by satellite ruled out that assumption and study. And the study of the Earth is known as, ‘geodesy.’ Age: The earth formed 4570 Million Years Ago (mya). It is known as Precambrian time. The history of the earth is classified into many groups: eons, chrons, eras, periods, and ages. The duration of Eons is thousands of millions of years and chrons...
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