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THE GLOBAL INDIAN Today, it’s not just foreign campuses that are keen on an international population. In a new trend, a growing number of companies, both in India and abroad, are looking beyond borders to recruit the best personnel. Even unconventional sectors have started roping. In head hunters to widen the net, In their search for the best talent. According to the Schulich Business School, Toronto, Canada, Wipro chief, Azim Premji, during a visit, expressed interest in recruiting from other countries, underlining the-importance of an ‘international workforce’ to maintain the competitive edge in the market. And Indians have made a strong contribution to this ‘global village’ movement. Traditionally, academics and IT were areas that attracted an international workforce, but now other areas such as ad­vertising and banking have also opened up their doors to dif­ferent nationalities. Komal Sohal, an advertising professional who has won many accolades, including the Cannes Adver­tising Award, has studied and worked in India and is now based in Dubai. She says, “Immigrants are increasingly be­coming ‘nodes’. In knowledge networks. I hire people from a variety of places, ranging from Romania to South Africa, and each person brings along a unique sensibility. The Dubai cosmopolis is a great place to work, as its economy is on...
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