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THE GLOBAL NETWORK OF TERRORISM The First and Second World Wars saw groups of nations collaborating against one another till the bombing at Hiroshima and Nagasaki clinched the bloodiest wars in history. But in the Third World War, we might never know who could be our enemy, but one could dare say that sixty years after the Second World War, the Third World War is already being fought in country after country against an elusive enemy that has packed into its punch a kind of invincibility arising from the element of surprise. And this enemy chooses its own time and place, using weapons that even the most powerful nation cannot ever contemplate. It is the World versus the Band of Terrorists operating from any part of the world that has kept every nation on tenterhooks. That the ranks of this enemy can recruit suicide squads for the bloody deed makes them more powerful than the atom bomb! How can you threaten to kill someone who is already prepared to die for a cause? Who doesn’t want to save his life? But here are diehards who are eager to become martyrs in the very act of mindless terrorism Their methodology could be different and the areas of operations might vary...
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