English_Master December 26, 2015 No Comments
THE IMPORTANCE OF SEX EDUCATION Children become aware of their sexuality from a very young age, though most of us do not seem to give it the attention or the importance that it deserves. Instead we get worried to see our five year old indulge in games like playing doctor or imitating “mummy, daddy” that involves sexual related themes. Contemporary India is still uncomfortable talking about sex. Parents find it against our social or cultural values to talk about sex with their children. At the same time the present age generation has much more exposure and much more access to sex related information: from peer groups, from magazines, films and the Internet. Unfortunately, though they may know a lot about sex, contraception and other related issues, they are still too young to know how to handle both the emotional and the physical aspect of sex. A rise in sexual abuse of children, of teenage pregnancies and of sex related crimes makes it all the more important for us to impart sex education at school so that we can protect our children from unwanted trauma and harm that inadequate knowledge about sex can bring. Sex Education is not just about the act of sex or how we can protect ourselves...
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