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THE INDIAN WOMEN TODAY The times have changed radically, and the Indian woman of today is no longer reconciled to her traditional role as a mere housewife, a mother or a daughter. Whether it is higher education, or the general and fast spreading enlightenment about rights and privileges, and the concepts of equality between man and woman, that are responsible for the distinctly notable awakening among this section of mankind, it is difficult to say. Perhaps the change in attitudes and the increasing demands for a better status in life and a more important role in national life are the cumulative result of all relevant factors operating simultaneously. The more enlightened women of today take delight in recalling that woman was regarded in ancient times as the perfect workmanship of God and the glory of angels. But the typical Indian woman, especially in the urban areas, is a specimen of the perfect workmanship of God, a symbol of self-sacrifice, an angel in human form, a source of eternal joy, devotion and everlasting love and affection. Far from it, countless women, notably those who are well-educated or otherwise qualified for certain types of jobs, are eager to get employed and become economically independent Generally, the desire to get jobs is...
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