English_Master April 22, 2016 No Comments
THE INTERNET — A BLESSING OR A CURSE  What is Internet? It is a tool, which can link up all the people around the world, or we can say that it is a net that we can’t see. Internet brings us a lot of convenience; people depend on it very much nowadays. But as we know, it also can act as a weapon. Is it a blessing or a curse? Whichever it may be the internet has proved itself very helpful tool in many ways, it has opened a gateway for peo­ple; it made it possible for us to communicate with people from the other side of the world. Allowing us to meet new people and discover new places even though we are not there. The internet is easily accessible to everyone because it is in­expensive and can be afforded by most. While some consider it as a blessing, others regard it as a curse, because the internet like everything else in the world has a good and a bad side to it. The one of the main reasons that many people blame is that there is no sense of censorship in the world of the internet. Without censorship, many things spin out of control. People start using the...
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