Jose John August 2, 2016 No Comments
THE INVISIBLE POWER – ELECTRICITY The growth of civilization depended much on the energy procured by man through different sources. Man understood the value of fire million of years back. Fire gives energy which was used for different purposes. In 18th century thermal energy was used for producing steam and it was used for mechanization and transportation purposes like steam engine of railways and steam navigation. Man’s curiosity of lightening in the dark clouds of the sky leads him to discover electricity. Benjamin Franklin was responsible to get electricity from the clouds a couple of centuries back. The turning point in the production of electricity started in the beginning of 18th century when Voltas produced electricity through chemical means by a cell constructed by him. At the same time Faraday invented electricity by magnetic force and it eventually lead to the construction of a dynamo-a source of electric current. Presently electrical power is generated by thermal power plants, Hydro power plants and Atomic power plants. All these power plants generate Alternate Electric Current or AC electricity of high voltage. This electricity is distributed by cables to distant places through transformers for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes. By the end of 18th century ‘age of electricity’ had begun with the...
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