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THE JOINT FAMILY SYSTEM Joint family system is almost disappearing in the west. As soon as a boy and even a girl grows young and gets job or joins a profession he or she does not like to live with the parents. They start their lives a new, get married and sometimes have no contacts with families of their fathers or mothers. It is more prominent in the USA where the government provides food to all those who are unemployed. Many people enjoy it -some deplore it. A large number of black Americans live on it for a very long time. The Problem arises when the old people require help of the younger ones to have a comfortable life. But the younger generation does not pay any attention to it. The government, in most of the countries has started community halls for the old. They get all the facilities including the medi­cal one to sustain their lives. But what about the absence of love and affection that they had showered on their children? This aspect is alto­gether ignored. Many old men suffer from mental agony (pain disease). As we ape the west in many things some of us have taken a fancy to dissolve the joint family system in...
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