English_Master February 13, 2016 No Comments
THE KASHMIR PROBLEM Kashmir, which was once described by Mahatma Gandhi as an island of secularism in the Indian sub-continent, has been in utter turmoil. The people of Kashmir have been suffering from the terrorist activities for long, with no sight in near future to get relief. Hundreds and thousands of innocent people have been killed so far by the Pakistan trained militants. The turmoil in Kashmir has transcended the legalities of the accession of the state in 1947, and the insurgency is not a phenomenon of political dissent or a movement meant to change the government but it is a ‘jehad’, a religious crusade against the non-conformists. All Pakistani politicians, from the President downward, of any party, the state owned electronic media, as well as the print media, as a part of the disinformation campaign, speak in religious terms and the turmoil is called ‘Jehad-e-Kashmir’ and the terrorists are called ‘Mujahids’ (soldiers of Islam). The terrorists, killed in the Armed forces action are called Shaheeds (martyrs) and so on. Pakistan still cherishes to get Kashmir merged in its territory. The covert objective of the so called jehad is to complete the ‘unfinished agenda of partition’ by incorporating the Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan. The...
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