THE LIFE OF A BEGGAR: Essay Writing Topics

English_Master February 28, 2016 No Comments
THE LIFE OF A BEGGAR Not being accepted even in a slum a beggar leads his life on the foot path. He is embedded to a place six feet by two feet a few yards before the road signal. In his tattered clothes he is a symbol of utter poverty in the country. He may be seen in a bush shirt too — all decorated with patches. The pyjama too competes with the upper dress. The more the patches the bigger a beggar is. The poor beggar has no relatives. He has none to depend upon and none to show his affection upon. He is a human being just in name. His only companion is a dog who is faithful to him and receives his affection. It guards him and his meager belongings when he goes for his morning calls or to fetch food with the money that he collects. The dog shares food with him. The signal is red. There is a line of cars on the road. It will take those two minutes to get the green. It’s the opportune moment for the beggar. Within these two precious minutes he will tackle five to six cars. Too many whisk him away. But the lady in a glamorous...
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