Jose John June 10, 2016 No Comments
THE LOOMING WATER CRISIS Imagine that a billion people around the world are without a source of potable water-that is, one seventh of the world population has no access to clean water. The so-called globalization and the failure of leadership to meet one of the basic needs of humanity have tended to increase the incidence of waterborne diseases. Opinions are divided about the rationale of public-private partnership as one of the viable means to meet the crises in respect of accessibility and availability of clean drinking water. And there is no end to inter-State disputes over the rights of riparian States to receive adequate supplies of water for irrigation. Even the available water from great and small rivers is polluted beyond the saturation point. And there seems to be little headway in regard to the river-linking plan initiated by the Supreme Court with opinions still being expressed about its viability and utility. It was clear from the recently held Fourth World Water Forum (WWF) in Mexico where the world community was still fumbling for a solution to the looming water crisis. The cold statistics released by the UN World Water development Report gives enough room for gloom: nearly 6,000 people, mostly children, die of water-related causes every day. The...
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