Jose John April 22, 2016 No Comments
THE MOST PRESSING PROBLEMS OF OUR COUNTRY Even after independence more than thirty per cent of our people live below the line of poverty. In metropolitan cities even in slums you find the people are a bit well to do. Many of them have television sets and other facilities too. But in the rural areas a very large numbers of people have neither land nor a profession to support them. Big industries have snatched the petty work they were doing in their villages. The result is that they migrate to towns and cities where they can find a job. This migration creates problems in the cities. Slums are developed which are centers of many evils. Mumbai has hundreds-of them so have Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. They are the centers of moral turpi¬≠tude (extreme wickedness). Illiteracy is another great problem in our country. Cities have schools and colleges. They have some literacy centers too run by NGOs (Non Government Organizations). Of course many of the slums remain out of bounds for them. But in rural areas you won’t find a school for much together. The result is that in the far off villages most of the people remain illiterate. Landlords and traders of course send their sons to cities...
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