Jose John June 11, 2016 No Comments
THE NEED FOR ENVIRONMENT-CONSCIOUSNESS Today, there is now a premium on fresh air and there even are bars in Japan where people can buy whiffs of oxygen. If we continue to play foul with the environment and interfere with the already disturbed ecosystem, the day is not for off when we shall rue over the mind-boggling progress and excessive exploitation of nature to feed our follies and glorify our greed. It is neither a fad nor a fashion to show our concern for the environment. It is a feeling for the fast deteriorating miller, both natural and man-made, that pricks the conscience of some who take upon themselves the rigorous but moral responsibility of creating an awareness among the people, to preserve the delicate balance in the entire ecosystems that has been disturbed beyond repair and recognition in many cases. Since the problem of environmental degradation is global, a concerted effort needs to be launched to infuse ‘environment-consciousness’ among al1 and sundry before it gets too late to mend the matters. In its mad race to make miracles and bring about a complete metamorphosis in the living styles, modern human kind seems to have failed to appreciate the inherent worth of animal and plant life in totality. In ancient...
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