Jose John June 11, 2016 No Comments
THE PLACE OF SCIENCE IN A LIBERAL EDUCATION For centuries the scientist and the scientific thinker were personanongrata with the educational authorities both in the east and the west. The attitude of the scientist was a questioning attitude, while education demanded of the student perfect conformity. The disciple came to the preceptor in a mood of absolute humility and everything that the preceptor said was gospel truth for him. Faith, absolute faith was the sine qua non of education. Now science is opposed to this attitude of passive acceptance. Scientists like Copernicus, Galileo, Bruno, Newton and Leibnitz challenged accepted opinions. They would accept nothing on trust. Even the Bible was not the last word for them. They had to suffer a lot; one of them, Bruno had to pay the extreme penalty for his opinions. But these men did not swerve from their set path of reason and experimentation. They went on asking questions and challenging time-honoured beliefs and proved them to be mostly ill-founded. It was this antagonism between science and the educational authorities, which prevented science from being included in educational curricula for a long time. The subjects generally considered suitable for study were History, Philosophy, Belles-lettres, with a modicum of mathematics. Even a century and a...
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