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THE POLITICS OF RELIGION, CASTE AND SECULARISM He was indeed a poor boy from a backward caste in the erstwhile Travancore State (now part of the Kerala state) in pre-independence India. Though poor, he was diligent and intelligent and others who knew about his family background raised their eyebrows when he scored the highest marks in the then Travancore University both for History and English Literature. That the boy was able to win such laurels despite the fact he was often asked to stand on a bench or in the corner of the classroom because of his failure to pay fees on time demonstrates the inner resolve of the promising youth. The Dewan of Travancore, Sir CP. Ramaswai Iyer summoned him one day and told him that he would send him to Oxford, but later, to the shock of the boy, the Dewan withdrew his offer and offered him a job in the Government. The youth was baffled by the sudden change in the attitude of the Dewan, but screwed up courage to ask him: “Sir, could you give me a job as a lecturer instead? The Dewan was furious, banged the receiver and told him: “In that case leave your address and details with my personal assistant”. It...
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