Jose John August 2, 2016 No Comments
THE ROLE OF NEWS PAPER IN OUR DAILY LIFE We read newspaper because its reading is of great consequence to us. It is a must for modem man. News papers are such a source which adds greatly to the taste of life. What is the light to eye, what is the air to lungs what is the love to the heart, so is news paper to the soul of the educated man. News papers give us news and views. Newspapers present every day picture of events taking place in the world. The ideas of such men as Mr. Bush, the president of America, Mr. Chirac, and the President of France as also various heads of states reach us through newspaper. Newspapers are the cheapest and the best media of education. They educate us reading different social, Economic, Cultural and political problems. Newspaper covers very wide range of topics. They touch every angle of human life and activity. They give us knowledge and information. They enrich brain and we became well informed, cultured persons. They draw the attention of rank and file of the burning and knotty problems of the world. News papers acquaint us with research and leaps in the fields of education, science and technology. They organize campaigns...
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