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THE ROLE OF THE OPPOSITION IN A DEMOCRACY The role of the opposition in a democracy cannot be undermined or overlooked, as it is no less important than the power given to the ruling parties. In fact, the very essence of democracy is that it makes opposition possible. It is the people’s choice of returning the less popular party to the House of parliament as ‘watch dogs’ of the system. Parliamentary opposition was invented in the eighteenth century by Anglo Saxon political thinkers. Political opposition was institutionalized in a parliamentary system of government in order to have a systematic check on corruption that power generally brought to the ruling parties. In a parliamentary system, losing a general election may mean not having the confidence of the majority but it certainly confers on the losing party/parties the significant and crucial role of belonging to the opposition. The party or parties winning the majority of votes in a democracy forms the government and remains in power with its leader serving as the Prime Minister of the country, while the leader of the losing party enjoys the status of the leader of opposition in the House. The opposition is responsible for raising political consciousness among the people. Its right to criticize the...
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