Jose John June 10, 2016 No Comments
THE  SHAPE OF  THINGS  TO  COME Only about 50 years ago, the world was about 400 years behind today, judged by the present rate of ‘Scientific Progress’ been even half as fast as the present rate, the world would have been 350 years ahead of where it is today. We find that science is making progress by leaps and bounds. The rate of advancement has been amazingly fast, and the acceleration of rate of progress is also increasing at an unsteadily and irregularly fast rate. We are today angels or semi-angels as compared with our counterparts of about a hundred years ago; and we are gods, if not God Himself, if judged by our ‘Scientific Statues’ with that of our remote ancestors in ancient time. Diseases- epidemics and endemics, Earthquake, Fires, Floods lightning and Thunder etc., no longer frighten us; we do not feel overawed by the so-called ‘Divine Wrath’. The sins we have been guilty of committing in some past birth do not now invoke the wrath of the god or God Himself. The present is before us, the past is left far behind in || remote antiquity, and the future is yet unborn. We have a hazy idea of what the world in the prehistoric times, we...
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