Jose John April 23, 2016 No Comments
THE SHORTEST STORY OF MY LIFE “A short story is on that you can finish reading while standing in a queue for a bus”, said a writer. The poor fellow did not know that in this age of innovations and fast movements hours pass like minutes and min­utes like seconds. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries novels of 500 or 600 pages were read with pleasure. In the new millennium people haven’t time enough to afford this luxury. Long letters have given way to short ones. The Indian Prime Minister, within a week visits three most important countries of the world—USA, Russia and England. He be­sides a large number of people—businessmen and politicians, has talks with the-Presidents of Russia and USA and the Prime Minister of En­gland. He doesn’t miss the opportunity of delivering a speech in the United Nations Organization. He also addresses a gathering of Non Resident Indians in New York whose relatives and friends died in the terrorist attack on the two towers of World Trade Organization. Well, on the 13th of November 2001 he was backing home to celebrate Diwali on the 14th. Isn’t a tour of thousands and thousands Kms. I have referred to above squeezed in a time bottle of a week only....
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