Essay Writing Topics about THE SLUM

Jose John June 12, 2016 No Comments
THE SLUM Perpetual flow of people from villages to cities creates many socioeconomic problems. The density of population of cities rises and civic amenities fall short of needs. Law and order situation deteriorates. Prices of essential commodities rise. Housing situation become acute and rents soar. New entrants start living on pavements and thatched huts. That way slum come up, at times, adjacent to or right in the middle of posh colonies. Migration of the poor to cities creates slums. Cultivable land in villages is limited. And it is not enough to support the landless labourers in the village. Instead of starving in villages, they along with their women folk move on to cities in search of employment. While men work as unskilled works, their women get work in households. Work found, they build jhuggies that later become a cluster of huts. Landless labourers are also attracted to cities as there have many factories where mill hands are needed. Later, these factory workers call their relatives and friends from their villages. Thus cities start expanding haphazardly. Spread of education in villages is also responsible for migration of rural people to urban areas. Once a person in a village crosses the matriculation level, the agricultural profession does not interest him. He...
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