Jose John June 11, 2016 No Comments
THE THREAT OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS TO HUMANITY After 9-11 -2001 there is a fear that the next major terrorist attack could be more lethal and that terrorist must use nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Although some scientists point out that the technological obstacles to deliver these weapons ate formidable, the chances are always there. In 1993 in Chechanya, saboteurs left a package of highly radioactive cesium in Parle, Moscow. Though, the authorities managed to avert a disaster. The incident alerted the security expert all over the world to review the odds of terrorist nuclear attack. Suitcase nuclear bomb are doing its rounds. Moreover a suicide attack on a nuclear power plant could breach the reactors dome and set off and unshielded melt down that could cause a radioactive disaster with widespread fallout and many casualties. Here is the brief list of biological, chemical and nuclear agents that could be used. Chemical Agents—while some toxic agents are commercially available and can be dispersed with a simple trick, others are more technically challenging. Mustard Gas— first used as a weapon W.W.I. It causes blisters and can be fatal if inhaled. The chemical ingredient area hard to obtain. Hydrogen Gas—a blood agent used worldwide to manufacture acrylic polymers. Reportedly used during the...
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