Jose John August 2, 2016 No Comments
THE VALUE OF TRAVELLING Life in associated with movement; movement is controlled by time; time brings change; and life wants change; change is brought by travelling. Human beings are compelled to move. Man travels for adventure, for trade, for sightseeing, for pilgrimage or for enquiring unknown lands. We travel in hill resorts and sea shores to escape the severe heat, we travel to sunny climate to escape from severe cold and enjoy warm sun shine. We travel too far of lands is make fortune, we travel for finding the unknown into horizon. Travelling educates us. It teaches us from the open book of nature. Eye catches better than ear and retains it well. That is why what we see forget less and what we hear we forget more. Then travelling must be a part of education as in America or Europe. Social and physical treasure unfolded before our eyes, when we travel. Business and commerce was learnt by us when we travel. Travelling gives practical experience of living. It acquaints us with style of living habits, customs, traditions, food, clothing as above all the nature of people distributed all over the world. Such a deep knowledge is difficult to get from books. Travelling brings the man of all ages...
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