Jose John April 23, 2016 No Comments
TRADITIONALISM VERSUS MODERNISM Traditions continue for a long time till they are checked by some modern trend. The old tradition is taken over by a modern tradition. This too grows old after some time and a new one replaces it. Thus all new traditions are the result of modernism. There is a tradition of burying the dead in a graveyard among Christians. The tradition has been continuing for two millenniums. Of late some people did not favour it. Instead of buying in U.S.A. they started cremating them. New types of crematoriums came up. These are multistoried graveyards having thousands of urns. You may chose one and keep the ashes of your dear one in it for as long a time as you pay for as rent. After some time some again came back to the old tradition. In Kerala the Christians started a new modern tradition. Instead of keeping flowers on the grave they would have flowery plants all around the grave. Thus the graveyards became flowery graveyards full of fragrance a healthy modern tradition was established. There are some evil traditions too e.g. the tradition of Sati in Ben­gal and Rajasthan. But such evil traditions are controlled by modernization thought and ideas. Modern education played a big role....
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