Jose John April 24, 2016 No Comments
UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL The story runs-an old man called his four sons and gave a stick to each. He asked them to break it.  All of them broke it easily. Them he joined four sticks with a thread and asked each one of them to break the bundle of sticks. None could. He advised them that unity is strength. If we quarrel and remained divided anyone can harm us. What is true in an individual’s life is true about a nation too.TV country started having setbacks since Mahmud of Ghazni attacked India in 1026. He attacked Somnath and looted all the gold and other valuables before going back. As the princes of India were not united they could not ‘ save the country from this onslaught (fierce attack). It was followed by many other Muslim invaders including Muhammad Ghauri in 1191 and 1192, Qutbuddin Aybek in 1206, Gengis Khan in 1221 and Jalaludin Khilji in 1290. It all went on till Babar defeated the Lodis in 1526 at Panipat and established Mughal dynasty. In such a vast country small armies of these kings could defeat the princes of India one by one as they were all divided. The greatest harm that this division resulted in was...
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