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VISUAL DISABILITY The greatest expression of the ultimate timeless civilization of mankind, is the embodiment of unfeigned, abso­lute, active altruistic reverence for the universal equality, dig­nity and sanctity of humanity; the inability to perceive the declivity from behind an acclivity, or rather, the proclivity to infer the depth of a river from its breath is, no less, the antith­esis, for verisimilitude isn’t proof, but verisimilitude. To be or not to be then, being is but a metaphysical idiom with a being, whose interpretation bears no physical traits that bears not a being, much the same as the paradoxical question of visual disability: a metaphysical idiom with a physical con­figuration that is, however, open to misconstruction; by which misconstruction merely a scratch of the surface to whose bot­tom can be at the bottom of its sophistication; upon which sophistication its decipherment is bound to bring man to la­bour under a misapprehension; a misapprehension from which only appreciating the objective for the objective and the sub­jective for the subjective, can deliver us; a deliverance that can howsoever, never be granted by sweeping the objective under the subjective carpet; under which selfsame carpet the efficacious spearheads for the reclamation of the birthright of persons with visual disability lies ensnared, grimed with the...
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