Jose John August 1, 2016 No Comments
WATER MANAGEMENT Importance of Water Water as a resource is critical to our very survival. It is a remarkable substance that is essential for life. Its most important use is as drinking water. Besides this, it is also used for many other purposes – cleaning, washing and bathing and in factories. All these uses can make water dirty. Dirty water is not fit for drinking. We can fall ill if we drink dirty water. So, water needs to be purified before it is used. The importance of water- the most precious of natural resource and especially in the context of its relevance to human beings and modern countries – cannot be overstated. It is the utilization of water that necessitates the movement of water from the source to areas where human civilization resides – urban, semi-urban and rural. However, with fresh water constituting only a very small proportion of the enormous quantity of water available on earth (with world oceans themselves covering three-fourth of earth’s surface), water conservation and water resources management issues come to the fore and have been acknowledged by world and unilateral development and natural resources organizations and bodies. What is effectively available for consumption and other uses is a small proportion of the quantity available...
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