Essay Writing about WHAT IS LEADERSHIP?

Jose John May 1, 2016 No Comments
WHAT IS LEADERSHIP? Let us dispose of two fundamental errors; the assertions that leaders are born and not made; and the opposing view that anyone can be trained to be an effective leader. The truth lays half-way between. The Born Leader There have been many effective leaders who have never had any formal training in leadership but this does not prove that leaders are born and not made. There are no little girls or boys who arrive in the world equipped with the ability to organize, plan, set objectives and satisfy the other requirements of the effective leader. They may, however, be born with certain personality fac­tors which are conducive to effective leadership once they have learned a great deal about people and the world about them. One example is Nelson who was smart enough, to realize that if, before a battle, he explained his plans to his cap­tains him would have a better chance of success. He realized what should be obvious to any twentieth-century leader: that if people understand the objectives and the plan then they will have at least an evens chance of achieving what the boss wants. Nelson added this ‘consultative’ approach in the face of the contemporary belief that if a leader explained his...
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