Jose John April 25, 2016 No Comments
WHO WILL BELL THE CAT?    Introduction: It is an ancient proverb. It figured in the famous Aesop’s Fable in the 6th century BC which is read worldwide even today. In that story there lived some rats in a house. And the inmates had a cat. It was a menace to the rats. One day the rats discussed to find a way to escape from the cat’s threat. Then one of them suggested if a bell is tied around the neck of the cat, it would ring and alert the rats. Nice idea! But which rat would dare to approach the cat and tie the bell? Explanation: This funny, but thought-provoking moral in the fable still speaks well, and will continue to be there forever as it withstands the weather of time. We come across some persons in the government offices who demand bribe to do a job we wanted done. Even to get a community certificate from the district Tahsildar office, one has to cough some folding money, or otherwise the concerned staffs there would make one run from pillar to post. Similarly to get a, “Not traceable” certificate from the police about a missing document, one is compelled to shed money. What is the remedy to this prevailing...
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